How much money can I make from my vending machine?

As with every business, the number one thing which will make you or break you is location. There are a lot of variables which will factor into profitability. If you visit our blog, you can find many great tips to help you succeed in your vending machine business. However, as “Vending Distributors”, we don’t project profit margins. You will have to call the expensive vending franchises to get this information.

How long does it take before I will receive my vending machine?

All of the refurbished machines and most of the new machines will ship out within 1-2 business days. Some may occasionally take up to 2 weeks if they need to be special ordered. Then it takes the shipping carrier approximately 3-5 business days to deliver the machine depending on where you live. If you need a rush on the order, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Give us a call and we can give you a more specific answer based on your need.

Will you set-up my machine for me?

Our standard curbside shipping will get the machine right to your doorstep, but the carrier will NOT bring it inside or install it for you. If you want the machine brought inside the building, we can offer an inside delivery for an extra charge. We also have an optional White Glove delivery service which will bring the machine inside the building to the spot where it needs to be placed, unpack it, and haul away the packaging. After that, we can walk you through the final set-up process over the phone.

What type of Tech Support do you provide on your vending machines?

We offer a lifetime of free tech support on every vending machine we sell. Whether you’ve had your machine for one day or 10 years, we will help you troubleshoot it over the phone, via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime too. 

What type of Payments do you take?

We accept all major online mobile payment, Zelle, PayPal, and Cash App over our secure website. If you prefer to do a purchase order and send crypto, we accept that too, and it will facilitate the shipping process. 

Can I save money if I pick up my machine myself?

Yes, if you want to arrange your own shipping, we will waive the shipping costs.

Why are your machines so affordable compared to other companies?

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the biggest bang for their buck. Since we buy direct from the manufacture and buy them in bulk, we get better rates which we are able to pass onto you. We also have refurbished machines which were gently used, and after we refurbish them in-house, they look nearly new and function perfectly.

Do you find locations for the vending machines?

No, we do not find locations for vending machines. We are strictly a vending machine distributor. Our specialty is selling high quality vending machines to our customers at affordable prices. We let other specialists focus on the locating part. We get you the best machine at an amazing price. It will ship to your door and we give you a lifetime of free tech support. You can do a Google search for ‘vending locators’ and call around to find the one who will serve you best.

Can you store the machines until a location is secured?

Yes, we now offer free storage on all our machine for a limited amount of time. Call us for details on your situation.

Do you ship right to the location?

We will ship it wherever you need it shipped in the Continental U.S., whether that is your house, storage unit, or direct to the location. Our shipping will get it to the doorstep. If you need it brought inside and set up there would be an extra charge for that.

Do you Price Match?

Yes, if you find another company that is offering the same machine as us with the same warranty and service package at a better price, let us know and we will beat their price. We strive hard to provide the biggest bang for your buck and want to keep this reputation.

Do your Machines include Inventory Tracking Software?

Yes, all of our new machines and most of the refurbished machines have the ability to track the inventory. This is done through the credit card reader on-line tracking software which will track all cash as well as credit card sales. Or you can also integrate into a 3rd party vending tracking software such as Cantaloupe or VendSoft.

Should I buy a new or refurbished vending machine?

To answer this question, you must ask yourself how much you can afford and what your comfort level is. For instance, if you buy a new vending machine, it will come with a one year warranty and a lifetime of Free Tech support. That gives you a greater period of time to figure things out with your machine. New machines typically last longer than refurbished machines.

If you purchase a pre-owned vending machine you can be assured it has been thoroughly checked out. We refurbish these machines in our shop. All our refurbished machines receive a 34 point inspection where we test the cooling unit, money units, circuit boards, wires, all the motors, locks, latches, LED screens, and much more. These refurbished machines also come with a lifetime of free tech support and a 3 month warranty. Many of our refurbished machines will actually be new but will have a minor blemish or scratch which is why we classify them as refurbished. If you want specific information on your refurbished machine before you buy it, you can contact us and we’d be happy to send you photos or tell you how much use it has had.

What type of Warranty do you provide on your vending machines?

All of our new machines come with a one year warranty which covers all parts of the machine. All of our pre-owned or refurbished machines come with a 3 month warranty from the time you receive the machine. Best of all, when you buy from The Vending Machine Suppliers, you get a lifetime of technical support for your machines. We also have a large inventory of parts which are available, should you need them. Vandalism is not covered by our warranty, unfortunately.

What happens if the product gets damaged in the shipping process?

We will take care of you all the way through. Unfortunately this does happen from time to time and there’s not a lot we can do to prevent it. We do package our machines with Styrofoam and double-walled cardboard to prevent damage but accidents will still happen. Just let us know the damages as soon as possible and we will coordinate with the shipping carrier and either refund your money or provide a replacement machine or parts as needed.

Do you have other vending parts that aren’t listed on your website?

Yes! There are too many parts to list them all on our website or in this little response. Feel free to email us about the specific parts that you may be in need of. If we have them or can get them, we will create a custom order for you.

Do I get a discount for purchasing multiple machines?

Yes, we value your business and know that you want the best deal possible. If you buy more than one machine, we can offer you a discount on the machines. The more you buy, the greater the discount we can offer as well.

You sell great machines, but do you know how to operate a vending machine business?

Absolutely! Operating a vending machine business is something we know a lot about. We started out in 2007 by purchasing used vending routes and we have slowly built up from there. At Vending Machine Suppliers, we understand all the facets of the vending machine business. There are many other companies that can give you assistance as you build your business and we are familiar with quite a few. We have a vast array of knowledge and we are happy to share that knowledge with our loyal customers. Just email or call with your questions and we’ll be happy to help!